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Serial Killers

Many of you are aware that laughter is one of the best medicines that can boost the state of mind. But how many of us know that worries and miseries can harm our total health. The more you become depressed and worried, the worst your health is affected and so does the interaction with your near and dear ones. 

Scientific studies have proven beyond doubt that laughter and happiness have a positive effect where as sadness, worries and despair have adverse effects on the life span of any living being. Neither joy nor sorrow come from within, but is the result of external turbulence. However, some of the agonies are unprecedented like accidents and natural calamities. At the same time, there are voluntarily chosen ones like the emotional turmoil generating TV serials/series. As the saying goes, too much of anything is harmful and so are these. In another few minutes, I will try to prove, with the help of facts and figures, how these emotionally disturbing tear generators can become “serial killers”. 

            Consider the case of an average family that views the idiot box. The bread winner is mostly busy with his day’s work and hardly put in any effort to watch it after a day’s work at office. The kids, back from school have hefty homework and are usually denied cartoons that bring in color and imagination to the mind of a growing child. The remaining members are the housewives and the old aged. Now you know why majority of the TV serials are shot with crying characters and pouring out tears. It appears that there are, at least, three channels airing such serials at a time. If the family is of a multilingual nature, then the number of serials gets multiplied by the number of languages the family can understand.

The calculation I have taken into consideration is trimmed down to the lowest. The peak viewing hours are often from 6pm to 9pm on weekdays and it becomes more on weekends. Taking a rough estimate, we can approximate 3 hours viewing per day (I am sure its even more than that). 

Out of this, 1½ hours are eye rubbing (filled with tears) TV serials and 1½ hours are good entertainers which hardly any housewife cares about as they are addicted to the “family enthrallers”. 

            From the 1½ hours, we set aside ½ an hour for advertisement. Have you ever wondered why these different ads are shown in between these serials!!!! ‘Cause various companies have sponsored the programs?????  Well, you guessed wrong. The sole intention of these properly spaced ads is to prevent the old aged from going into a stroke or coma while viewing these depressing serials. At the end, we have a total of 1hr viewing. Now for some scientific facts:

  • If you are positive and happy then you get your life span extended by 1 day (if you do not watch such serials)
  • If you cry, get depressed or turns into a bad- mood, it shortens your life span by at least 1 hour. 

So a total of 1 year’s viewing gives you 365 hours of non stop worries, and mind it, they do make sure to watch the next episode even if the day’s food is not cooked (no exaggerations whatsoever).

One day’s viewing gives a reduction in life span = 60 minutes 

                                        Therefore 1 year’s viewing   = 365 units (1 hr/day)

               Therefore 1 year’s reduction in life span = (365*60) minutes

                                                                                                 = 365 hrs

                                                                                                 = (365/24) days

                                                                                                 = 15.2 days


The average life expectancy of a human being is 70 years.

                         After 67 years, the loss of years    = (67*15.2)/365

                                                                                                Approx 3 years

If loosing 3 years of your life is a luxury you can afford then you just have wasted your time.

Now I leave it for you to decide.

Those who long to live, live longer…


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