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Vendor : You can use this “CANNON” to fire moving objects and its extremely powerful

Customer : I only need a “STRAW” to drink juice !!

Vendor : Well you can disable the features in a “CANNON” and use it as “STRAW”

Customer : In that case I might as well use a “MISSLE” or a “ROCKET” !!


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IBM WebSphere provides a good utility called saveqmgr that enables you to save all the objects, such as queues, channels, etc, defined in a either local or remote queue manager to a file. You can then easily modify the file and use it to alter the definition of the same or another queue manager.

The saveqmgr is very easy to use. All what you need to do is

  • Download the utility from IBM For windows you just need to unzip the file preferably in IBM WebSsphere bin directory
  • To export the queue manager objects use the following command saveqmgr.exe -m qmName > outputFile
  • To import the queue manager objects ensure that queue manager is running and then use the following command runmqsc qmName < outputFile

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